Luke 4:40 "While the sun was setting, all those who had any who were sick with various diseases brought them to Him; and laying his hands on each one of the, he was healing them."


Our Naturopathic program provides natural health care with a focus in preliminary, prevention, and ongoing support for optimal health utilizing all natural/ non-invasive therapies and natural substances which encourage an individual’s self healing process by teaching our clients how to maintain optimal healing techniques. 

Our Holistic Health Practitioner Dr. Portia Dianne Lee, NSM, CHHP is licensed/board certified

Preliminary/Preventive Care:

We consider physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, social economics, spiritual nature, etc to encourage healthy choices for individuals and the whole family to eliminate, aid, and comfort underlying causes of illness.  Our clients receive natural healthcare through lifestyle modifications 

.     Overall Wellness

.     Preliminary Care

.     Preventative Care

.     Healthy Lifestyle Maintenance

.     Common Cold

.     Blood Pressure

.     And more

Chronic Illness


Our Naturopathic practice accounts for the whole person, not simply the symptoms of a disease and does not use synthetic drugs or chemicals to support our clients care. Our naturopath can play a large role in the effective management or alleviation of chronic illness

Our Naturopathic program can help if you have been medically diagnosed with:

.     Asthma

.     Muscle pain

.     Allergies 

.     Arthritis

.     Stress 

.     Diet-related 

.     Digestive problems

.     Insomnia

.     Skin disorders 

.     And more 

Genetic or Environmental Disease


Naturopathic medicine uses natural, non-toxic therapies to treat the whole person and encourage the self-healing process. 

You do not have to wait until you begin to feel the nausea and fatigue that often accompany chemotherapy, radiation, and other detoxifying medical treatments. You can benefit from naturopathic therapies at any stage. Naturopathic medicine can help keep your body strong in preparation for conventional treatments, as well as treating side effects during treatment.

Our Naturopathic program can help if you have been medically diagnosed with:


.     Cancer

.     Diabetes

.     Sickle Cell 

.     Crohn's 

.     Lyme Disease

Mental Health


In addition to helpful lifestyle and diet changes, we specialize in using botanical and other herbal supplements to treat various ailments including depression. Specifically our methods have been shown to be effective in the management and treatment of medical diagnosis of:


.     Depression 

.     Anxiety

.     Stress

.     Bipolar Disorder

.     Autism

.     Alzheimer's

.     Panic Attacks

.     Social Anxiety

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