Who We Are

The mission of our organization is to provide healthy lifestyle services to all walks of life, ages, races, and spiritual denominations spiritual denominations eradicticating the personal impact of systemic abuse, emotional/mental anguish, distress and physical ailment. 

Day Seven Wellness Center is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the wellness of mind, body, and spirit mental and emotional educational wellness programs through various
practices of real-life experiences, and support systems to cultivate overall wellness. 


The vision for Day Seven’s wellness program was created to allow each guest with
strategy and proven practices that restores emotional wellness for seven days, to
become the best version of themselves possible. Our goal is to help you help

Our uniquely designed programs provide life coaching from mild to vigorous form, mental and emotional rehabilitation, and self-empowerment in a seven-day resort style program which we aid the cultivation and maintenance of healthy lifestyle habits.

Rest and Relaxation

Healing and calming the emotional body.


Inner Child Healing
Healing trauma and systemic abuse


Healing the Heart and Spirit
Learning and practicing forgiveness
techniques and releasing grief.


Setting healthy boundaries.


Increasing self-esteem, embracing accountability, self-awareness, breaking the chains of depravation (Children and Adults)


Joy and Bliss
Sustaining self-confidence, embracing happiness.

Additional Support

Healthy Relationships
Spiritual Maintenance
Generational Healing
Breaking Addictive Behaviors


Our Methods

Nutrition Planning and Counseling
Self - Empowerment

Our Founders

Portia Dianne Lee

Portia Dianne Lee is a dedicated holistic wellness practitioner who has mastered the arts of energy healing, emotional balance, and wellness techniques and strategies. For most of Portia’s life, she has worked to service loved ones, her community, and all of humanity.

  • Master Reiki Practitioner 

  • Soul Mastery Practitioner

  • Life Coach

  • Meditation

  • Kinesiology

  • Coaching & Training

  • Yoga

  • Psychology

  • Cognitive Behavioral Health 

  • EFT Tapping

  • Business Management

Vare A. Raymond

Vare A. Raymond is a fitness advocate dedicating most of his life and time to the overarching physical and emotional wellness of himself, his family, friends, and community. Vare's fitness routine includes a 6 day workout regimen to provide optimal wellness of mind, body, and spirit partaking in varying fitness techniques such as physical training, cardiovascular, and weight training. Vare has also been a nutrition and yoga enthusiast for the last 10+ years often participating in annual yoga retreats. Vare's compassionate concern for wellness coupled with his keen professional ability and work ethic have made him a great fit for Day Seven's team. 

While maintaining a professional career within the field of IT, Vare also acts as Day Seven's business planning consultant working behind the scenes with the team meeting on key factors, brainstorming, research, and strategic planning. As a key contributor to Day Seven's business management and administrative tasks, Vare's comprehensive business knowledge and background adds to each and every one of the cutting edge services and programs Day Seven offers. 

  • Information Technology

  • Reiki Practitioner

  • Yoga 

  • Physical Training 

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