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What is a Doula?

"The Bible contains 33 species and more than 500 references to essential oils and the aromatic plants from which they come."


Our Doula is a certified companion who supports clients and families through a significant holistic reproductive experience with services in sex therapy, fertility, childbirth and postpartum care and guidance.

Doula Services

 with Meshell Tashi, Certified Doula, Trauma Response Specialist

Breastfeeding and Lactation Support

Utilizing a natural and holistic approach for breastfeeding education for expecting and new mothers. This service will help nursing mothers address any problems that arise in the breastfeeding relationship.

·     Sleep Deprivation

·     Anxiety/ Depression

·     Parenting/Caregiving Stress

·     Burn Out

·     Negative or Undesirable Environment

·     Etc.

Talk Therapy and Consultation

The purpose of Doula Talk Therapy is to help clients identify issues that cause emotional distress and disruption in their reproductive journey.

·     Physical and emotional abuse victims

.     Stress Relief and Hormone Management

·     Abandonment Issues Impacting relationships

·     Lack of confidence and insecurities

·     Non-committal behaviors

·     Abusive cycles and patterns

·     Lack of trust

·     Unbalanced emotions

·     Etc.

Physical and Emotional Wellness

Physical Therapy- Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga.  During Pregnancy the female body experiences an accelerated pace of change and prenatal yoga can assist and educate throughout the duration of pre and post pregnancy, for example morning sickness relief, decrease of stress hormones and postpartum depression/anxiety.

.     Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

.     Prenatal/Postpartum Reiki 

.     Sleep support for healthy sleep patterns 

.     Body posture 

.     Comfort for expecting moms 

.     Relaxation techniques

.     Positive affirmations

.     And more

Sex Therapy and Tantra


Our Doula helps our clients and couples reconnect with themselves and each other intimately through healing sexual and spiritual health


.     Suffering from cognitive dissonance

·     Struggling from finding your “voice”

·     Struggles with communicating feelings and emotion

·     Insecurities

·     Physical, Emotional, and Mental Abuse Recovery

·     Neglect

·     Etc.

Fertility and Reproduction


Our Doula serves our clients who are trying to conceive with information, support and guidance for healthy and natural conception

.     Fertility nutrition

.     Stress factors 

.     Ovulation

·     Healing the womb (trauma)

·     Intimacy

·     Herbal remedies

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