Check out what our amazing guests are saying about Day Seven Wellness Center's Classes, Services and Atmosphere

"To say my experience with DaySeven Wellness Center was powerful would be an understatement. I have attended their Reclaiming My Power series in the last few weeks and I feel so much better!  Not only do my bones ache less and I feel more flexible after each session; I feel calm and centered in a way I haven't felt before.  There is a focus that I'd lost in the hustle and bustle of life that I feel I'm starting to reclaim.


In recent years, I've found myself forgetting simple things- names I had just heard 2 seconds prior, forgetting what I was about to say or do. I would have to put thought into it to remember.   Since attending sessions with DaySeven, I have noticed real improvement!  My thoughts are clearer which allows me to think, move, and express myself with the intention and purpose. Portia and DaySeven Wellness Center- thank you for everything! I've truly had an awesome experience! I can't wait for the next session!"


37 years old,

Dorchester, MA

"When I arrived at Day seven yoga studio I didn’t know what to expect as so many yoga studios now a days are crowded and often feel rushed. However, what’s different about this yoga studio is the yoga instructor, Portia. She is personable and passionate about what she does. It was evident from the start she truly cares about the people she works with and teaches. She has a calm and serene spirit about her that is welcoming. What i appreciate most about her teaching style is the way she catered to my specific needs and I didn’t feel pressured if I couldn’t do a pose. She always gives me additional alternate yoga poses that will make me feel more comfortable. She also has the option to schedule individual sessions which has been most helpful due to my busy schedule. I would recommend anyone to receive services from her and look forward to learning more from her in the future." 

33 years old

Brockton, MA

"As an aspiring Bodybuilder through my grueling weight training program, I've experienced muscle stiffness, a lack of mobility and joint pain. At Day Seven wellness center I was introduced to Yoga by the lovely Portia. On my first session I did not know what to expect. As we progressed through the poses I felt peaceful through the breathing exercises. I felt less stressed, and more in tune with my body, while bansuri flute music softly played in the background. Since I've started Yoga, I've experienced more flexibility, less inflammation and more strength in my weight training program. I recommend Day Seven Wellness Center to anyone who may want to slowly get back into getting fit or advanced weight lifter like myself looking to improve with more mobility. Thank you Portia I had a fantastic experience and I feel great!" 


42 years old

Boston, MA

"Portia approaches healing energy work with such love and compassion.  From the environment and tone she set from the moment I walked in, to the reiki treatment and discussion afterward - I benefited from her enormous gifts of light, clarity, and intuitive presence and connection.  Being guided by her helps me strengthen my self-healing capabilities."

- Melissa Alexis

"Since I have been blessed enough to be exposed  Day Seven Wellness Center and getting healing treatments, my physical and mental health has improved drastically over the past 6 months. The level of understanding knowledge and intentional care that is provided is unmatched. I am beyond grateful for Portia and her healing abilities she has literally saved my life and been an instrumental part of my healing and evolution. As a 34-year-old female of color living in Boston, this healing work has been vital to my ability to overcome daily obstacles and thrive past my mental health challenges. There are no words for the appreciation I would like to express for the work Day Seven Wellness Center is doing in our community."

34 years old

Boston, MA

"I attended the Reiki I Certification class and I was extremely pleased with the experience.  The Reiki Master Kate was amazing, she was very knowledgeable in her craft and she thoroughly answered any and all of my questions.  The content provided during class was very helpful as well.  After my attunement on the last day of the class I definitely felt a difference in my interaction with my surroundings.  The facilities at Day Seven are clean and foster a calm, comfortable and serene learning environment.  I look forward to taking the Reiki II Certification class with Kate next."

41 years old

Dorchester, MA

"Day Seven is a lovely and welcoming healing community. Walking into the space you can feel the relaxation wash over you, and the positive vibes flooding your body. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of the other beautiful souls who all play a role in the center’s success. Day Seven offers a wide variety of classes, workshops, and healing modalities ranging from physical fitness and yoga, to astral travel and reiki, interspersed with deep inner work around trauma and relaxing meditation courses. And that’s only a sampling - there is truly something for everyone. The owner and founder, Portia, is a mature, networking-savvy inspiration, and the heart behind the operation. Don’t let her humbleness fool you as her many talents are far-reaching. I’m so glad to be a part of such a special family and look forward to the future of Day Seven!"


33 years old 

Stoughton, Ma

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