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Cord Cutting Therapy

Emotional cord cutting eliminates negative emotional bonds.

  • 1 h
  • 150 US dollars
  • E-mail for more details

Service Description

Spiritual cords are intangible connections that allow energy to flow between two people. When a relationship (any domestic relationship) is healthy both parties get the emotional nourishment needed. When it is unbalanced, one partner draws too much from the other and the cord becomes an energetic drain. When a relationship ends, holds toxic energy, or is a constant trigger/reminder of trauma, the cord may not be severed right away. This can make healing difficult, as the energetic connection still exists even if both people are no longer physically together. Severing the cord makes recovery easier. Signs to look out for: -Lowered energy levels. -Feeling anxious, on edge, or just "exhausted" by the person the cord connects you to. -Feeling "stuck" in life. -Obsessive thoughts about the other person. -Frequent physical illness. -Unhealthy habits, to self-soothe from the energetic drain. The cord-cutting meditation isn’t just for people who are no longer in your life or who you wish weren’t in your life. In fact, many of these energetic cords likely lead to people you care for very deeply. By practicing this meditation, you are maintaining ownership of your energy and stepping onto the path of self-empowerment for a healthier emotional balance.

Contact Details

+ 617-922-8795

Day Seven Wellness Center 294 Pleasant Street, Stoughton, MA 02072, USA

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