Day Seven is a non-profit wellness center focused on providing our global community with access to proven and practiced strategies helping to heal and contribute to the human collective’s overall emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Our Program Provides

Our uniquely designed programs provide life coaching from mild to vigorous form, mental and emotional rehabilitation, and self-empowerment in a seven-day resort style program which we aid the cultivation and maintenance of healthy lifestyle habits.

Rest and Relaxation

Healing and calming the emotional body.


Inner Child Healing
Healing trauma and systemic abuse


Healing the Heart and Spirit
Learning and practicing forgiveness
techniques and releasing grief.


Setting healthy boundaries.


Increasing self-esteem, embracing accountability, self-awareness, breaking the chains of depravation (Children and Adults)


Joy and Bliss
Sustaining self-confidence, embracing happiness.

Additional Support

Healthy Relationships
Spiritual Maintenance
Generational Healing
Breaking Addictive Behaviors

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