Finding Balance in the Season of Aries

Blessings Soul Tribe!!

In so many cultures our day today, resurrection Sunday, is symbolic to so many celebratory gestures as these moments represent renewal… As mentioned previously in our newsletter, it was mentioned that during the season of Aries, Mercury is closely orbiting through the constellation of Aries, which is an opposing energy type... What exactly does that mean to us from an emotional and psychological perspective? Well… it means many things. But what this particular season is representing as a whole is emotional balance. This season has come as a gift to help us build bigger emphasis on balance in all things in life, up to and including finding balance in our own unique self-expression. In these moments we are each being encouraged deeply to find our truth.

We are being encouraged to seek the path to the internal union of emotional balance and to seek that personal union in all things that pertain to the physical manifestation that has occurred from the emotional wellness of our lives. The questions we must each ask ourselves during this time are:

1. What am I doing to nurture and honor my truth?

2. What and how have I honored the truth of my companions?

3. In what ways can I use my voice to move forward into new creative endeavors?

4. What practices have I implemented in life that need revamping to help me maintain alignment?

Digging even deeper into this seasonal combination, Mercury represents communication. Our need and desire toward the true authentic nature of who we are and what we need to fully express ourselves. Aries, being ruled by Mars, represents initiative, drive, and passion. This combination asking us to examine our internal dialog to deeper depths so that we can express them outwardly in full balance, allowing us to release all that is stored within us, thus creating a path allowing us each to participate fully in the next phase of our lives.

What is emotional balance? Emotional balance is a calm gently maintained continuum. It is a safe trusting space of surrender in which we are ushered into a peaceful space of gratitude. Balance in the arts of emotional wellness through utilization of our life source aka Qi, is attained through many facets such as a few streams of yoga practices, qi gong, and Thai chi. These practices help influence balance of our emotional body at the deepest essence of who we are in spirit; manifest in yin/yang representation of the masculine/feminine; at a vibrational level of root/throat (Muladhara/safety- Vishudda/ expression); at a physical energy level through the elemental intake of sodium/potassium (sodium rules the left/feminine side of our body and is associated to the planet Mercury while potassium rules the right/masculine and is associated to the planet Mars… can’t make this stuff up…); mentally from the perspective of knowledge combined with spiritual alignment through representation of the pillars of the tree of life in Mercy/masculine and Severity/Feminine.

By allowing this time space reality to take us on an internal journey of why we’ve arrived where are at any given moment, we can then realize these aspects that we have projected into the world in others and shift the paradigm of our world views reality while holding space for our companions to rise higher in seeking opportunities for balance, self-care, self-expression, to find full balance in life. During this time, I’d recommend maintaining a diet that is very well balanced with sodium and potassium. Try a routine practice of yin/yang yoga, tai chi, or qui gong to start your day. If you currently have a prayer or meditation practice as a part of the start of your day, implement these additional physical emotional release practices to help release stored emotions and allowing space for the new to come into your awareness…

After all,… this is the season of resurrection and renewal. Let’s stand fully resurrected in these moments… The only way forward is to release the old.

If you or anyone you know needs assistance at this time, feel free to reach out. Our service spot lights of the month with Akashic Therapy with Portia and Manifestation Coaching with Meshell can help greatly during this time!! Check out our Bookings Tab on the website and select 1:1 services with Portia or 1:1 services with Meshell. Mention this blog and get 15% off of initial services!! We can most definitely assist, that’s what we’re here for…

We just want to see everyone win,



Dr. Portia Dianne Lee

Ps. Check out our favorite artist and energy practitioner Lydia Erickson! She’s pretty amazing!

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