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Being aware that your choices, actions, and reactions are the demonstration of your highest ethics and values means being healed and includes the awareness of setting respectful boundaries. So many are led to believe that repressed emotions are being healed from them... but repression is actually built from an emotional state of pride or ego. Which is what we are here to recover and heal from.

What if you learned that your emotional states of conscious and unconscious internal processes have a direct impact on the environment around you and your emotional experiences and relationships, and physical health would you then seek emotional wellness?

The answer as simply put is that we don’t know what we don’t know until we do. Having access to the information of our emotional body is the key to set us free on many levels. Sets us free to love, to live the life we truly desire, to understand the whys of our experiences and own the lessons we’ve received from them for our highest and best. Understanding our emotional bodies is the key to all things. It is the Ankh, the key of life, and opens us up to our own internal levels of Christ consciousness. For help on where to start, I wrote the book “So I Woke Up... Now What...” lovingly giving the gift of expanding our emotional understanding as a new tool.

I’ve created the copy written “Trauma Release and Awakening Program” to provide everyone with the same type of 1:1 emotional wellness sessions providing full mind, body, and spirit emotional, psychological, physical, and cognitive release to expound on the wellness journey helping us to own our experiences and be the best version of ourselves we can possibly be! Healing is ours for the taking. These self esteem and empowerment tools provide healing at the base emotional level for the masses and allows us to stand confidently within our own individual peace and reclaim our power. The time is now and now is time for the taking.

Let’s help the world ascend to new levels of consciousness. We deserve it! First... it starts with you!!

You are a creation of the gift that keeps on giving.

I hope this helps someone,


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